What Is Gynoid Obesity

Gynoid obesity is the condition where the deposition of the excess of fat occurs on the hips and thigh region of the body. Gynoid obesity is also referred to as having a pear-shaped body.

Features Of Gynoid Obesity:

  • The deposition of excess fat occurs on the hips and thighs of the body.
  • Hips have a round appearance and the buttock is larger than average.
  • The body of the people suffering from Gynoid obesity often resembles that of a pear.
  • While no type of obesity is encouraged, Gynoid obesity comes with less health complications than those who have excessive belly fat.
  • The distribution of fat occurs around the thighs, hips and buttocks, resulting in pear -shaped obesity.
  • This condition mostly found in women as gynoid obesity responds to the female hormones and makes it easy for the fat to break down in fatty acid at the time of lactation and pregnancy.
  • The people suffering from this obesity are prone to suffer from less harmful consequences as compared to apple obesity.
  • Stressing cardiovascular exercise as well as core exercises can help to treat this condition.


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