10 Slim Secrets to get you Started

Slimming down cannot be an overnight process and this is obviously not about

slim secrets

that will make you thin in a day. A lot of it has to do with one miraculous word called Motivation” and a well devised action plan. Well, one fact is known for sure that you have to get two burners working full time for you. That would be your diet and exercise. And there is no secret about that. However, weight loss consultants lay down some secrets which can make crossing your mind and body hurdles a little easier.

10 Slim secrets which will help you in your weight loss journey

1. Set short-term, realistic and attainable goals:

It is possible to lose two pounds of fat a week without harming ones general health. So keeping that in mind while setting up a goal will help to make attainable goals. Once a goal is attained it helps immensely in staying motivated.


2. Exercise should not be thought of as a burden:

Exercise can be fun. Get yourself moving to something which makes it fun. It could be jiving to some foot tapping tracks, a hike in the mountains, going biking with friends or a group aerobics class. Find what moves you.

3. Make working out a routine:

Regular and consistent exercise is what helps you achieve results. Just as the meals have to be eaten on time, your daily routine should include an hour of run, tennis, swim or whatever you like to do to get some cardio. Exercise should be a priority, something which is not cut short because of your busy schedule.


4. Learn how to fill up:

Get some nutritional counseling classes or do some reading for yourself. What you eat has to do a lot with how much you need to eat. Choose foods which are high in fiber and keeps you full for a long time. The blood glucose levels stay consistent without any sharp peaks and troughs. So choose brown rice over white, lean white meat over red meat, whole fruits over fruit juice etc. Stay away from processed foods and excessive salt and sugar.

5. Have some healthy go to food around:

A diet disaster is generally brought about by a bout of an intense hunger. Have healthy snacks like a cup of non fat yogurt, a cup of non fat cottage cheese, a serving of cut fruits and vegetables around. This will help you in times of crisis and let you not falter.

6. Choose your music:

Music could be the greatest motivator especially during work outs. Music can jazz up a dull, weary gym routine. Compile a list for your workout routine compelling enough for you to shake more than a leg.

7.Know your weakness:

Know what breaks you. Knowing your weakness be it the three additional servings of dessert late in the night or the cheese burger will help you to be determined enough to stay away from it. Don’t start rewarding yourself with treats you crave within five days of getting started. You have to wait for the body, mind and metabolism to change before adding small portions of such treats.

8. Control your portions:

Understanding and controlling portions takes a lot of know how and self control. Use measuring cups and spoons to measure out portions. Don’t be tempted to go for a second helping.

9. Push yourself:

Don’t give up on yourself. Feeling defeated is not going to help. You have to take charge and continue pushing yourself. Work out six days a week for a good 45 minutes to and hour. Complement your sweaty cardio sessions with strength training using weights and bands to sculpt muscles and improve bone density. Come out of your inhibitions and let go.

10. Be patient:

After the initial weight loss it is quite common to hit a plateau. Don’t lose patience. The body gets used to the daily routine and stops responding. You have to change your weight loss regime and change your diet to see yourself come out of it.

slim secrets

will help you to stay focused and discover the new person in you. However, everything works only if you want them to work.

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