Losing Weight with Protein Bars

Protein bars are basically a concentrated source of protein in the form of an energy bar. They are widely used for two purposes. Used by sportsmen/athletes to obtain muscle mass and for the general repair of tissue damage caused by vigorous exercise. Another purpose of its use would be for meal replacements eventually leading to weight loss.
There are many varieties of such bars. One which has a concentrated amount of carbohydrate with balanced amounts of protein and fat for a quick stock of energy, is meant for the sport enthusiast. For weight loss purpose, a bar which is high in protein with little amounts of carbohydrate and fat is appropriate.
A single bar can have anywhere between 10 to 14 grams of protein. The amount of protein needed by the body depends on age, size, intensity of activity one engages into and the amount of energy spent throughout the day. An easy formula to derive the number of grams of protein needed by the body would be multiply one’s body weight with 0.40. So if someone is 150 lbs then he/she would need 60 grams of it from dietary sources every day.
Whey or soy protein is generally the base for protein bars. It can also contain other natural nutrients like honey, nuts and oats. Sometimes to enhance flavor and taste other things like chocolate and vanilla is added.

Protein Bar

Advantages of Protein Bars

  • A good source of concentrated protein without any additional saturated fats and cholesterol as is generally seen in any protein sourced from animals.
  • Convenient and easy to travel with. Helps stay on track while on a diet by preventing snacking on unhealthy and easily available junk food.
  • Have low sodium content and come with added vitamins and nutrients in a wide range of flavors. With a known amount of calories they are the best meal replacements when one is constrained for time and food choices.

How to choose the perfect Protein Bar for you?

  • It is very important to read labels. Even if it contains a high amount of protein it should not have a high content of saturated and hydrogenated fats, or sugars and high fructose corn syrup.
  • It is extremely important to have a look at the sodium content of the bar. Lower the sodium better the bar.
  • Go for the ones fortified with additional fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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