Top 10 Tips for Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite reduction

is a topic which can get even the healthiest of health freak and exercise obsessed individual interested. This is because cellulite is not limited to overweight and obese people. Individuals with a regular weight can also have this problem. However, overweight individuals have the problem more frequently than others.


Cellulite causes bumps and nodes to appear on the surface of the skin. The elasticity of the skin is greatly reduced. This happens because the subcutaneous fat sticks to fibrous connective tissue just below the skin giving it an irregular orange peel like appearance. It is also known as cottage cheese skin.

The genetic nature of the problem has also been established. So it is extremely important to have realistic expectations about the reversal of this condition. Even if complete cure cannot be achieved, some tips can definitely help give the skin a better appearance.

Top 10 Tips For Cellulite Reduction

Fresh Vegetables

1. Diet

: Eat a low fat and high fiber diet containing lots of antioxidant rich green vegetables and fruits. The same ground rule of eating 5 small meals throughout the day also works in this case. Reduce the amount of salt in food as salt causes the body to retain water.

2. Stress

: Try to bring down stress in daily life. Engage in activities which work as stress busters for you. A high stress lifestyle increases the level of catecholamines which have been associated with the said problem.

3. Hormones

: Surging hormones can cause or increase this problem of irregular skin surface. In females, the hormone estrogen can wreak havoc as far as cellulite is concerned. So if you are suffering from a condition which is associated with hormonal imbalance, it would be a good idea to see a physician and restore the hormonal balance.


4. Drink water

: Drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated. Water helps to spike up the metabolism and can help detox the body.


5. Exercise

: Exercise most definitely helps in losing the loosely strewn fat just below the skin. Cardiovascular and aerobic exercises are the most effective in the given situation.

6. Cellulite Treatment cremes and solutions

: It is quite possible that the tall claims made by the manufacturers of these products are not quite true. However, it might also be possible that some of them might work. So it would not harm to give it a try.


7. Massage

: Massages may not cause weight loss but can help to improve the appearance of the bumps and dimples on the skin. The gentle pressure exerted on the body during a massage can break fat molecules apart. When done properly it improves the blood circulation immensely. It also helps the toxins to get discharged through the lymphatic system in the body.

8. Body Wraps

: Sea weed body wraps are getting immensely popular as a possible treatment of the problem. The anitcellulite cream is applied on the affected area. Then the seaweed wrap is snugly put around the area. After an hour the wrap is opened and the area is washed. It is thought that the body heat trapped within the wrap actually helps in breaking the subutaneous fat clusters.

No Smoking

9. Keep away from alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes

: Keeping away from alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes help the body absorb nutrients better from diet and protects the body from unnecessary toxins.

10. Homemade scrubs

: Home made scrubs like a mixture of few drops of rosemary and fennel essential oil when added to three teaspoons of almond oil can help to massage away cellulite from the body. Dried thyme mixed with grapefruit juice and corn oil can also help reduce the appearance of bumps on skin. Massaging with essential oils derived from nature’s bounty like sandalwood, lavender, cinnamon, clove, germanium, rosemary can also help in cellulite reduction.

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