Top 10 Portion Control Tips for Weight Loss

Obesity is the biggest menace of this generation. Recent statistics do nothing short of appalling us. In the United States of America,as much as 58 million are overweight and 40 million are obese. About 3 million are morbidly obese. More than 350,000 people die each year due to obesity related ailments.

It forces you to wonder whether prosperity is one of the key reasons of obesity. Availability of more food has progressively led the way to super sized portions. 2 pounders, 3 pounders!!! Yes, I am referring to burgers which have 2 pounds or 3 pounds of meat respectively. One single meal at a fast food restaurant could be as much as 1500 calories, your entire day’s worth of calories. Portion control takes a back seat with the onslaught of fast food chains dishing out quick, tasty and convenient options.

Modern day trials and tribulations have also played a role in increasing portion sizes. People look for more than just nutrition from food. Satiety has to do more with mind than matter in life today. Digging in a 2 pound tub of ice cream as a late night binge is a crime many commit knowingly.

In this scenario it is important to understand and implement the basic portion control strategies. It is the first step in any weight loss plan. We will look at the top 10 strategies which will help us to eat portions of food that are just right for us.

Smaller packs

1. Buy smaller sized packs

Resist your temptation of making the trip to the discount wholesale store. Going for larger sized packs on a deal can make dealing with your weight later on a big deal. Rather buy single serving packs. It will help you to control the amount you are eating. In case you are buying the big packs, break up the entire amount in smaller sized portions. Even try not storing leftovers in large containers. Split up the food in smaller quantities which could amount to a single serving size.

Portion Eating

2. Get smaller sized plates and a food scale

It is a fact that moving away from an average 9” dinner plate to a 7”salad plate can indeed help you eat less. Plates which are partitioned to hold servings from different food groups are also available in the market. Make use of them. Use smaller serving spoons. Remember it is a crime to eat out of a package when you need to lose weight. Scales meant for food can help you to get the perfect portion size rather than eyeballing and guessing.

3. Never go for a second helping

: Always serve yourself on a plate before you start to eat. Keep away tubs and casseroles out of sight. Never go for a second helping. Serve dishes on the counter and not on the table. The effort to get up may inhibit the tendency to go for a second helping.

4. Try cooking for more than one serving

Cooking at least two servings of a meal is practical, time saving, easy on your waist and wallet too. It is often not possible to be precise enough to cook for one serving. Rather than overeating, you could actually plan ahead and serve it on two weeknights. It is possible that you will end up consuming less oil and fat per meal.

5. Free yourself from the leftover syndrome

It is ok to throw away leftovers sometimes. Do not unnecessarily overeat just to make good use of leftovers. Plan your meals, shop and cook accordingly.

6. Resist indulging in mindless eating

Do not eat your meals in front of the television, while on the phone or while having an engaging conversation with someone. Chances are that the concepts of portion sizes might just slip from your mind. You go for seconds without being aware of it. Relax and savor each bite to assimilate more out of the meal.

7. While eating out

Avoid going for platters of appetizers while in a restaurant. Finger foods at your disposal can definitely make you eat more. Be informed about the amount of calories in a dish. Go for sides of vegetables or brown rice over fries and mashed potatoes. Split your entrée with a friend or go for a dish from the kid’s menu. They have much smaller portion sizes. As far as dessert is concerned, it is always a good idea to order one and share it.

Upsized fast food

8.Resist the offer to upsize

It is a common experience especially in fast food chains to upsize a meal for an extra couple of dollars. You may get a bigger serving of fries or soda for a few cents more. Do not fall for such traps. Remember such bargains are not worth the pounds you pile on by eating unhealthy fast food.


9. Be informed about the drinks you are guzzling

Having a drink or two is not ok when you are on a weight loss regime. A pint of beer can have as much 190 calories. The calories are derived from sugar without any associated nutrition. They do no good to your body except add on to it. A 12 oz can of coco cola has 39gms of sugar. The small fizzy drink can have as much as 140 calories. So being informed about drinks is equally important.

10. Spoil your meals

Do you remember being told as a child not to snack before a meal. It curbs your appetite for the real meal. Well, the strategy here is exactly that. Eating a full garden salad before a meal can act as a spoiler for your real meal. It can fill you up with good fiber. If eating outside, do not reach the restaurant famished. Eating a nutritious whole grain based snack or salad before the meal can make you eat less. Remember, hunger unleashes the hedonistic eater inside you where you are easily prone to make the dieting blunders. Keep portion control in mind and eat smaller meals throughout the day to prevent yourself being too hungry at any given time.

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