Jumping Rope For Weight Loss

The jump rope has been around since at least the early 17th century. Odds are you played with one as a child. Although this simple toy is about as basic as an exercise tool can be, the jump rope can help you burn an average of 750 calories per hour. You can take a jump rope with you anywhere you go and have a great, calorie-incinerating workout at your fingertips.

Jumping Rope

Advantages of jumping rope for weight loss

  • Jumping rope is inexpensive and can be done almost anywhere you find yourself.
  • Jumping rope improves strength, agility, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Unlike many other cardiovascular workouts, jumping rope uses muscles in your arms as well as your legs.
  • Because the force of impact is focused on the ball of your foot instead of your heel, jumping rope may be less aggravating to your knees than running.
  • You go at your own pace with a jump rope. Start out at your own level and build intensity and duration over time.
  • Jumping rope is a great aerobic workout for everyone from beginners to elite athletes. Boxers, wrestlers and athletes frequently use the jump rope to improve their speed, agility, and endurance.

Jumping rope for weight loss is a good cardiovascular option

The act of jumping repeatedly creates a demand for oxygen. Because the number of calories you burn is ultimately determined by how much oxygen you are moving into your body and how much carbon dioxide you are moving out, activities that make your breath rate increase burn a lot of calories. An intense jump rope session can burn more calories than running.


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