Body Wraps For Weight Loss

Every year approximately 350,000 people die due to obesity related diseases in the United States. Around 40 million are obese and three million are considered morbidly obese in America. Aside from traditional exercise and diet regimen, any therapy, any weight loss plan or for that matter any placebo worth its salt deserves a try provided it does not bring any harm to one’s health.

Body wraps for weight loss

Body wraps have been popular for a good amount of time. Different oriental cultures have been using unconventional ingredients and herbs to promote weight loss through body wraps. However, it is not certain whether they can actually tilt your scale downwards but they have been definitely associated with detoxification and inch loss.

In modern times, many salons and spas offer various types of body wraps like mineral body wraps, detoxifying clay body wraps or herbal body wraps. As a home remedy to initiate weight loss, individuals may use plastic wraps and bandages around the body. Ace type bandages, terry cloth or cotton cloth are typically used.

Clay Body Wrap

What is the mechanism behind using body wraps for weight loss?

A body wrap works on the basic principles of absorption, transpiration and detoxification. Sea weed, clay, Aloe Vera, minerals, or collagen are applied on to body prior to cloth wraps. The body absorbs the materials applied on the body. The skin pores open up. The compression created with the help of the wraps will result in the transpiration of water and toxins from the cells. The tissues are compacted together and it is believed that if the new shape could be held on for some time, the cells in the region would adhere themselves in the newly found shape.

Many times, body wraps bring about temporary weight loss because of the amount of water lost through perspiration and transpiration in the process. However, permanent weight loss is rare in this process. Loss of inches, detoxification and relaxation are some of the profound end results of the treatment.

What should you keep in mind before using body wraps for weight loss?

  • Not beneficial or recommended for those who suffer from claustrophobia.
  • Mineral body wraps having potassium and magnesium supplements may not be ideal for people with heart conditions.
  • Patients with hypertension or on a sodium restricted diet too may have problems from mineral body wraps. The sodium absorbed from the wrap can elevate the sodium level in the blood stream.
  • Detoxifying clay wraps may have aluminum in them. Patients of Alzheimer disease needs to be cautious with them.
  • If you are diabetic or have sensitive skin, some wraps may not be for you.
  • Before going for a body wrap, be sure to mention any allergies to the technician


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