How Jennifer Hudson Lost 80 Pounds?

Jennifer Hudson has indicated that she is prouder of her weight loss accomplishments than she is of her Oscar and Grammy Awards. The Jennifer Hudson weight loss story is an inspirational story for many young women who aspire to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. The star dropped straight from a size 16 to a size 0. She achieved this amazing feat in a little less than 2 years. She did not engage in any extremes and confesses to have made healthy choices. She says that rather than losing weight she has gained back 10 years of her youth. She is a Weight Watchers spokesperson and role model.

Jennifer after the weight loss Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Regime
Working out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, Jennifer engaged in a workout routine specifically designed for her. Pasternak’s specially devised work out is called Five-Factor fitness. Five minute segments to be done in five minutes for five days a week.

  • The first phase includes a warming up cardio workout for 5 minutes. Anything that makes you move like sprinting, jumping jacks, jogging or running for the first five minutes.
  • The next phase focuses on upper body strength. A weight bar or a dumbbell can be used to maneuver the upper body.
  • The next five minutes are dedicated to the lower body.
  • The fourth phase targets the core muscles. He asks to focus on strengthening the core from all sides and not do just crunches.
  • The fifth phase is the cool down where the intensity of the activities needs to be brought down.

Jennifer Hudson did everything possible to keep herself active throughout the day. This included a 45 minute run in the morning and playing basket ball in spare time. She wanted a trim and toned body. As far as diet is concerned, Weight Watchers took care of her. It is a points based program. No food is barred from your diet while on Weight Watchers. Different food items are assigned points per unit of portion. The number of potions times the unit point can give the total number of points consumed of the food item. A member is given a daily point target in between 29-71 points to be consumed depending on the amount of weight loss required. Sticking to it strictly Jennifer achieved the amazing results. If an individual makes up his/her mind, an 80 pound weight loss is indeed achievable. Well done Jennifer!!


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