What is Rebounding for Weight Loss?


Obesity is one of the greatest concerns facing our population to date. More than half the population in the Rebounding for weight lossUnited States is overweight. About 58 million people are overweight. About 40 million people are obese and about three million are morbidly obese. Twenty-five percent of the population leads what would be considered a sedentary lifestyle. Unhealthy diet and lack of exercise are the two main vices which have led to the current obesity epidemic. If exercise does not seem like a lot of fun to you, think again. There are plenty of ways to exercise that can be both fun and engaging. In this article, we will discuss one of the; rebounding for weight loss. A rebounder is a trampoline like structure with the same function as a trampoline. It is 36 inches in diameter. The fabric is stretchy, durable material designed to withstand the impact of jumping. The fabric is held in place with the help of a frame; which 10inches above the floor. It is a cardiovascular sport that increases the heat rate and comes with a large number of benefits.

How to use the rebounder:

Start bouncing lightly with feet together and shoulder straight. It is very important to maintain proper posture while jumping for weight loss. Tightening your abdominal muscles can help strengthen the core muscles. The main idea is to balance the body weight and distribute it equally on both legs while landing on the rebounder. The intensity should be increased gradually to get the ultimate benefit out of it.

What are the advantages of rebounding for weight loss?

  • Rebounding is a cellular exercise which increases the supply of oxygen to all the cells in the body.
  • The heart is the center of the circulatory system. It pumps blood to all the organs in the body. The heart is optimally used in this exercise causing an increase in the amount of blood pumped. It is an aerobic activity which brings in more oxygen to the cells. The increase in the level of oxygen helps to burn more calories and detoxify your system.
  • It helps in the detoxification of your system by boosting the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a network of vascular structures which carries the white blood cells throughout the body. It is stimulated by movement and physical activities. The lymphatic system essentially protects us from disease and sickness. Toxins build up in the lymphatic system from various sources like drug, pollutants, environmental irritants etc. Rebounding helps in recharging the lymphatic system by facilitating the circulation of the white blood cells in the body. It detoxifies the body in the process.
  • It incorporates the benefits of resistance training. Your leg muscles are strengthened during the process of rebounding. It helps in developing lean muscle mass. Working out the muscles properly improves the metabolism. Hence, weight loss is facilitated.
  • The body becomes strong and flexible and is less prone to injury. This is because the knees and ankles are protected from shock by the rebounding nature of your movements.
  • The body’s endurance level is increased. People report having more energy as well an increased fitness level.

Rebounding is a fat burning exercise that can be beneficial for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.


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  1. Rebounding is effective to lose weight!

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