Top 10 Common Workout Mistakes

Obesity is a menace the present generation is living with. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of U.S. adults or 33.8% are obese. Obesity related expenditure is projected to constitute 21% of the nation’s direct healthcare spending by the year 2018.

Sedentary lifestyle along with an unhealthy diet are the primary drivers behind obesity. However, today awareness is widespread and a lot many are inspired to hit the gym and cut the fats from diet to stay away from obesity. But the problem lies in the fact that hitting the gym is not enough. Having the necessary know how is important to have an effective workout. But there are some workout mistakes which are commonly made while one gets started on exercise. The result is that one does not lose weight in spite of being in the gym for hours.

Workout posture is very important

Top 10 Common Workout Mistakes

1. Exercising Irregularly

The foremost thing about exercises is that they should be done regularly. Consistency is the key. Working out every day and not overdoing it in one day is very important. Exercising everyday can help as the calories are burned consistently. That way the gross calorie deficit is more and better results are achieved. It is very important to have a goal before you step into the gym. Working out without a plan or a strategy do not yield any results.

2. Repeating the same routine every day

A lot of people do the same routine day after day. Most of it would be cardio, a few stretches here and there and a few sit ups and crunches may be. This will show you some weight loss to begin with, but you will hit the plateau very soon. This is because the body gets used to the same routine. Muscles are best worked out when you progressively demand more from them. In other words, it helps to increase the weights you are lifting gradually or increase the repetitions. Even cardio workouts should be made more intense over time either by cranking up the level or by increasing the time. It is important to shock the body and try out different exercises every day. Variety in the workout routine removes monotony and helps to burn more calories.

3.Skipping warm ups

Warm ups are extremely important to condition muscles for the ensuing strenuous activity. The muscles are warmed up and are more flexible and pliable. This helps to get the most from the work out and prevents injury.

4. Doing only cardio

A lot of people do commit this cardinal sin as far as exercising is concerned. Cardio is extremely important and helps to burn calories. But doing only cardio is not enough. Weights are very essential. They help to burn more calories as they work out the muscles. It also results in increased metabolic rate. Worked out muscles require a lot of energy even for maintenance. So having some weight training can ensure that the body keeps on burning calories all through the day.

5. Lifting too much weight

Some people do the mistake of lifting too much weight too soon before the muscles are ready to take on the additional load. This can injure and damage muscles and can tear ligaments. It is important to increase only about a pound of weight at a time and that too gradually and progressively.

6. Eating less

It is very important not to starve or be on an extreme diet while on an exercise regimen. Firstly, eating too little slows down the metabolism and makes it difficult to lose weight. Secondly, eating less may make one fatigued and less energetic to undertake strenuous exercises. It may make one unable to utilize his/her full potential. Besides, a calorie deficit can be made by eating a healthy meal and exercising. Both of these are known to increase metabolism.

Keeping oneself hydrated during workouts is very important

7. Not drinking enough fluids

Keeping oneself hydrated is very important while exercising. Exercise makes one sweat and lose water. Being dehydrated while exercising can initiate muscle cramps, fatigue and prevent one from getting the optimum benefit from a workout. However, it is best to stay away from sugary drinks as they can add on unnecessary calories from sugar.

8. Not focusing on posture

Posture is very important to maintain during workouts. Incorrect posture not only makes your hard work go in vain but also result in injuries, torn muscles and back aches. It is imperative that you know the right forms the body should adopt while doing exercises like the bench press, dead lifts, squats etc.

9. Wrong breathing

Breathing the right way is an intrinsic part of exercising. The synchronizing of the inhalation and exhalation processes along with the muscular contraction and expansion is very essential to get the most out of the exercise. Besides, holding the breath in and keeping the abdominal muscles contracted is especially important for exercises targeting the flab at the mid riff like crunches and sit ups.

10. Not eating after exercise

Not having a post workout meal or eating after a few hours could be a major mistake. A post workout meal of easily digestible proteins and carbohydrates ensures adequate nutrition and muscle recovery. It helps in protein synthesis and suppresses the stress hormone cortisol which induces mindless eating. This particular meal also helps to enhance the metabolic rate.

The common workout mistakes are very easy to commit. They will just slow down metabolism and give unsatisfactory results in weight loss endeavours. Knowing about them and avoiding them is the key. Not commiting the above mistakes cn help you spend more effective hours at the gym.

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  1. Here’s another tip that has been working for me, only eat when you are actually hungry! This was a big one for me, since I found myself eating because it was dinner time or breakfast time, but not because I was actually hungry!

    This might go against popular belief, but it’s quite difficult for your body to repair itself AND digest food at the same time. By eating all the time, you are actually never giving your body time to repair itself.

    Anyways, great list and I look forward to reading more.

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