Bitter Orange for Weight Loss

Bitter Orange for weight loss is a natural supplement that is said to be very effective in helping to shed excess weight. Bitter orange is a medicinal plant which grows in different parts of the world such as Florida and California. Another name for bitter orange is citrus aurantium. Bitter orange is also used to treat nausea and dizziness.
Bitter Orange for Weight Loss
Bitter Orange for Weight Loss

  • In recent years, bitter orange is considered as a natural weight loss aid. Supporters claim that this fruit helps in stimulating the fat burning process.
  • Many research studies showed that participants who consumed bitter orange products had an increase in their metabolic rate. However, research is yet to confirm about the use of bitter orange in weight loss.
  • Bitter orange moreover contains two substances called, synephrine and octopamine which are similar to ephedra (banned herb by the U.S FDA as it is related to heart strokes). It is unclear whether synephrine produces the same amount of risks as ephedra.
  • Increased heart rate results in a thermogenic effect, which helps the body to burn a higher rate of calories on a daily basis. This tells that bitter orange can help in weight loss.

Safety Concerns for Bitter Orange

  • The potential harmful nature of bitter orange to cause heart strokes or attacks, increased blood pressure, it should be taken only under the guidance of a doctor. Anyone with heart related conditions or diabetes should not take bitter orange supplements.
  • Bitter orange should not be mixed with any natural beverages or caffeine. Also, it should not be taken while on other medications or herbal supplements.
  • Pregnant women should also avoid taking bitter orange and its products.




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