Watching Television and Obesity – Is there a Correlation?

How relevant does the relation between watching television and obesity sound? It seems to be irrelevant right? If you think so, then you need to think about this again. Though these both are not related directly, there is a relation between them. The following article talks about the factors on how watching television and obesity are related.

Watching Television and Obesity – The Correlation

Watching Television and Obesity – Is there a Correlation?

Consuming high calorie and low metabolic rate foods, and lack of physical activity may be the common reasons for obesity. However, the logical reasons behind watching television leading to obesity are as follows.

Low Metabolism Rate

Those who are physically less active have low metabolic rate. One of the reasons for low metabolic rate is spending time before television and performing no other activities that need physical strain. Thus, a person with no activity will burn relatively less calories than an active person who can burn more calories. You can just justify this reason by observing people around.

Eating Excess Meals

While watching any of your favorite movie or show, you may tend to eat more than what you normally eat.  If you are habituated doing this every day, just imagine how much fat you can put on in a few days time. You might have guessed right!!!

Increase in Snacks

We all love to munch at our favorite fast food spots or at home. Most of us tend to munch on some snack when we feel hungry and enjoy watching television at the same time. Even, people love watching television along with some fries, popcorn, or a mug of beer. Is this extra intake really needed for you? The ultimate answer is No. This eventually adds fat intake leading to obesity.

Misleading Advertisements in Television

Watching television may not only make you sedentary, even influences you to adopt bad food habits like eating junk foods, consuming alcoholic and aerated drinks and many more. These junk foods contain excess calories and carry many side effects on the health of the people, especially children. One of the biggest side effects is becoming obese.

Hope you got a clear cut idea on the correlation between watching television and obesity.

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