How to ward off Post Marriage Weight Gain?

Post Marriage Weight GainWell, what is the difference between a girl friend and a wife? Some say it is just 25 pounds. Post marriage weight gain in ladies is extremely common among all demographics. It could be the start of an obese life for many. Nutritionists opine that it is common to find women put on some serious weight in the first few years of marriage. A study revealed that new wives can gain up to an average of 21 pounds in a year.

Obesity has a lot of health repercussions and can bring in a lot of co-morbid diseases like Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, hormonal problems etc. About 350,000 people die due to obesity related diseases in the United States every year. 58 million people are overweight in the United States. It is of utmost importance that any situation that leads to weight gain be effectively warded off. In this case we will look into why women have a tendency to gain weight after marriage and what can be done to ward off the excess pounds.

What causes post marriage weight gain?
  • It is possible that one is in her best shape on the wedding day. Thanks to the killer exercise regimen and diet followed in the month prior to the wedding. Post wedding, with the celebrations in full gear and days of abstinence weighing on, the strict diet is far from followed. Eating big meals is back and the weight gain just comes back.
  • Being married for some is equivalent to being complacent and starting to take things for granted. A less cautious approach towards weight gain brings back the additional pounds.
  • Being with a partner influences each others eating habits. Guys have a better metabolism than girls. Once one starts eating like the husband does, she ends up consuming a lot more calories.
  • Pregnancy is one of the biggest reasons of weight gain in ladies post marriage.
  • Cooking meals for the family makes one more susceptible to eat more. A lot of women intake a lot of calories tasting dishes and eating while cooking.
  • Putting the family’s nutritional needs above one’s own also makes one eat unhealthy.
  • Not wasting food and eating leftovers from the plates of children increase the pounds unknowingly.
  • Being emotionally vulnerable due to problems in marriage could make one an emotional eater who turns to food for solace.

How to ward off post marriage weight gain?

  • Eat what you need to eat and not what your partner likes eating. Cook for yourself and your partner, if required, separate food.
  • Plan some exercise together. Go for a jog, a hike or a swim together. The daily gym routine could also be planned together.
  • Eat breakfast together. Eating a breakfast kick starts your metabolism and helps to be on track throughout the day.
  • Put your pre marriage pictures around which can give you a pointer as to what you looked like.
  • In case of a pregnancy, take expert advice on exercise and diet so that you don’t end up putting on weight during and after it.
  • Avoid big meals and eat 3 small meals and two snacks throughout the day and drink lots of water.
  • Make your outdoor plans with your diet in mind. Even while dining out in restaurants opt for healthy food.

Let your marriage be about being together and not about food.

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