Acupuncture Treatment for Obesity

According to contemporary research studies, acupuncture has been proved as an effective treatment for obesity. By stimulating metabolism, it allows the body to use food and sometimes reduces the desire to eat excessively. To know more, read below.

Research studies claim that acupuncture treatment can help obese patients lose weight naturally. Acupuncture is widely used throughout the world and is one of the main pillars of Chinese medicine. Inserting acupuncture needles outwardly into several parts of the body can be proven beneficial lose weight. Besides, it can stimulate metabolism and thereby enable the body to utilize food efficiently instead of storing it as fat.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient treatment, originated in China that attempts to cure illness or relieve pain by puncturing specific areas of the skin with needles.

Basically, the pressure points which are used specifically vary depending on individual factor. Experts decide which points should be used with regard to the patient’s fat distribution, emotional status, eating habits and other factors. For your convenience we are presenting some of techniques of acupuncture which can help you to reduce your weight.

Acupuncture Points

There are several acupuncture points (365 points have been identified in Chinese acupuncture maps) which focus on peripheral nerve junctions, referred to as ‘trigger points’.

Needling or ‘traditional acupuncture’, in which fine stainless-steel needles are inserted through the skin to various depths, kept in place for varying lengths of time or further stimulated manually or electrically that is called ‘electroacupuncture’.

  • Press needles in which short acupuncture needles are taped into place for extended periods with pressure being applied on a regular basis.
  • ‘Acupressure’ in which beads are massaged or pressed at specific locations.
  • ‘Moxibustion’ involving the application of heat, by burning small grain-sized pellets of combustible material on or near the acupoints.
  • ‘Cupping’ or using cups of various materials to create ‘negative pressure’ or a vacuum on the skin surface for increased blood circulation and point stimulation.
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (‘TENS’) which involves applying electrode pads

Auricular acupuncture

The commonest method used for the treatment for obesity is Auricular (ear) Acupuncture. Normally the acupuncture points used in the treatment of obesity include ‘Hunger’ and ‘Stomach’ points.

Diet & Exercise

In any kind of weight loss program, diet and exercise should always be given the first priority. Most people who come for acupuncture treatments, however, have been given diets and exercise regimens before. They may have good knowledge of what they should and shouldn’t eat but they feel depressed or irritable when they try to stay on a diet. Acupuncture should relieve such problems and improve will power along with aiding in weight loss.

Acupuncture & Weight Loss

After acupuncture treatment, expected weight loss is about two to four pounds a week. Six to ten acupuncture treatments are usually sufficient, and these can be given once or twice a week. Weight loss continues after the treatments are completed until normal weight is achieved. The results of acupuncture usually last for minimum six months and sometimes it extends to a year. In the meantime, if the craving to eat excessively returns, a few more acupuncture treatments can mitigate it easily.