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Bitter Orange for Weight Loss Bitter Orange for Weight Loss

Bitter Orange for weight loss is a natural supplement that is said to be very effective in helping to shed excess weight. Bitter orange is a medicinal plant which grows in different parts of the world such as Florida…

weight loss drugs2 What are Weight Loss Drugs?

Many weight loss drugs and supplement promise successful results. But are they really effective? In this article, we look at prescription weight loss drugs and […]

weight loss surgery How to Maintain Weight Loss

Losing weight is the easy part. The difficult part is to ensure the lost weight does not come back. After a successful dieting program, your […]

common-workout-mistakes---article Top 10 Common Workout Mistakes

Obesity is a menace the present generation is living with. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of U.S. adults or […]

low-carb-weight-loss---article What is Low Carb Weight Loss?

If you are looking to lose weight, try out low carb weight loss. A low-carb diet emphasizes on fat and dietary protein, and limits carbohydrates […]

Do Ab Toning Belts Work?

The commercials on television promise you an abdomen just like the models on screen. Because viewers so desperately want to believe in a quick and […]

How to Lose 2 Pounds Per Week?

Dietitians recommend that you lose no more than one to two pounds per week for healthy and sustainable weight loss. Because each pound of fat […]

10 Slim Secrets to get you Started

Slimming down cannot be an overnight process and this is obviously not about slim secrets that will make you thin in a day. A lot […]

8 Best Diet Tips For Weight Loss

Most people know that eating less and exercising more can lead to weight loss. It is a simple concept but is often difficult to follow. […]

Top 9 Slimming Tips

Losing weight is not an easy task, but with the right slimming tips you may be surprised at how much easier it is to get […]

Does Drinking Lemon Juice Help Lose Weight Fast?

Lemon juice is a popular fad diet. Proponents claim that it acts by reducing the acids that leads to digestive illness. The author of “The […]

Juice Diets and Weight Loss

Weight loss by following juicy diets have become the most common means to treat obesity. Juice diets for weight loss is an effective way to […]

Aloe Vera and Weight Loss

Most people think that aloe vera is used to treat scrapes, minor cuts and burns. According to the University of Michigan Health System, aloe vera […]

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Diet changes are not the only way to lose weight. Even if you lose weight, you must remember to maintain the same healthy weight. Many […]

Chia Seeds and Weight Loss

Chia seeds come from the flowering plant called Hispanic L, which is from the mint family. Chia seeds and weight loss are closely related because […]