Environmental Factors Responsible for Obesity

Environment plays an important role to increase obesity that is affecting the entire mankind on a large scale. By taking a little care, we can easily prevent some of the environmental factors that cause obesity. To find out more, go through the article.

The vicious tentacles of obesity are extending day by day. There are different factors responsible for obesity. The important two are genetics and environment. Although, genes do not destine people to a lifetime of obesity, environment does strongly influence obesity. Most obesity research scientists agree that the rising number of obese people is partially a result of major environmental changes that have occurred during the past few decades.These changes include lifestyle choices such as what a person’s food consumption is like and his or her level of physical exertion.

Environmental Factors that Cause Obesity

With obesity being referred to as an epidemic in current times in every nation – this worldwide trend is best decribed by the new word “globosity” – environmental factors must be the prime cause of modern obesity. Refer to the following points to see how the environment, we live in, affects our physical activity and nutrition.

  • People need to have lively pastime. Instead, they have become used to a sedentary pastime. Video games, TV, movies are today’s preferred pastimes. In fact, children spend more time in front of a TV screen than they do in school or playground. Televisions, computers, and video games encourage sedentary lifestyle.
  • The trend of eating fast food is increasing day by day. People are eating out at fast food restaurants more often, so they have less control over how much fat, sugar, and salt they are eating. Fast food restaurants also encourage super-sizing of meals, adding unnecessary calories.
  • People are not interested in walking because driving is often the easiest option. This habit not only harms the people but it takes its toll on environment by causing environmental pollution.
  • Things like escalators, elevators, computers, cell phones, and several kinds of washers reduce the need for physical activity.
  • There is a common belief that physical activity is limited to sports or health club exercise. This idea may prevent people from becoming more active because of the cost of health clubs and the skills associated with sports. Some physically active hobbies like skiing, biking, and golfing, are expensive. This may leave people feeling like they have limited options for activity.
  • Unhealthy foods and drinks are aggressively advertised and sold to adults and children. Fast food and junk food advertisers purposely target children whom they know have increasing purchasing power.

Approach to Obesity Prevention

We live in what has been called an obesogenic environment. This can be easily summed as the net result of influences (from that of our surroundings, demographics, opportunities, or conditions of life) which promote obesity in individuals and the population.

We know it’s very tough to make a healthy habit in the environment we live in. But, if we can consider our health as an important factor then we can easily take some initiatives to make it better. Here are few measures that you can take for a healthy life:

  • Always choose nutritious meals instead of fast foods.
  • Replace refined foods with whole foods. Avoid packed food. Always try to have fresh foods.
  • Increase consumption of fibrous foods like fruit and vegetables.
  • Try to become more physically active. Avoid using vehicles for each and every purpose.
  • Try to indulge yourself in different kinds of sports instead of sitting in front of computer, television and other electronic gadgets.

What Health Problems are Caused by Obesity?

Obesity can increase the risk of developing a number of health problems. Following are some of the health problems caused by obesity:

  • Heart problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Breathing difficulty, sleep apnea and asthma
  • Gout

How Erratic Work Schedule of Corporate Sector Causes Obesity?

The human body functions following a cycle according to its own clock. We get hunger, sleep and other signals of the body at specific times of the day. The erratic work timings of the corporate sector completely disturbs this cycle of activities. People remain awake whole night and try to get some sleep in mid day. Food habits change drastically as daily staple food get replaced by junk food. Instead of drinking water to quench thirst, energy drinks or soft drinks are used. The work place of any corporate has all the facilities which ensure convenience for the work force. People work for hours together sitting on their chair.

All these habits and practices cause disturbance and damage the body. It is not provided an opportunity to restore things back to normalcy. The result is developing obesity and its associated medical complications.

How to maintain a healthy environment at home that can prevent obesity?

Here are some useful tips for you to follow to maintain a healthy-weight environment at home:

  • Stock your pantry with healthy foods like whole-grain items, vegetables and fruits. Do not buy sugary drinks and junk food.
  • Eat at home. Avoid going to fast-food restaurants. If possible, sit together during meal time. Plan new menus including healthy alternatives. Ensure all family members eat reasonable portions. Allow seconds only for vegetables, fruit and salad. Allow your kids to take part in shopping and preparing meals.
  • Encourage your kids to take part in physical activities. Organize family outings involving physical activity. You can walk to the public library or bike together. Ask your children to do daily chores such as walking the dog or washing the car. Allow your kids to take part in community or school sports. Encourage them to skip rope, dance and do vigorous exercises.
  • Limit screen time for the household. Do not allow each family member to spend more than an hour or two each day before the television and computer. This rule should also apply to dad and mom. Keep you bedroom free of TVs and computers. Don’t allow family members to eat in front of the computer or TV.
  • Lead by Example. Lead from the front and set an ideal example for all family members. So, change yourself first before expecting others to change.

There is no doubt that changing to a healthy lifestyle can be challenging at first. But, encourage and support each other. In course of time, healthy habits would definitely become routine. When this happens you would be able to ward off excess weight and prevent obesity improving in the process your family’s overall health.