Hormone Therapy : An Effective treatment of Obesity

Obese patients may suffer to such an extent that can be beyond the thinking of a physician. So, it’s worth paying attention to the hormonal deficiencies or excesses that may cause obesity. To know more about the hormone therapies, read on.

Although there are several treatments available to reduce obesity, but being an advanced one, Hormone Therapy seems to be very effective to provide the obese persons with a permanent solution.

What is Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy is a medical treatment where hormones are used to cover various types of hormones including growth hormones and sex hormones.

When should you use Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy may be used in several situations.

  • In case, when you are not able to have surgery or other treatments or can’t be cured by these treatments because your obesity has reached the highest level where these treatment don’t work.
  • If the obese condition remains or comes back after treatment with surgery or other treatments.

How Does Hormone Therapy Help to Cure Obesity?

Few types of hormone therapies are discussed below.

  • Natural Hormone Therapy

A hormone found naturally in the gut is the basis of a new drug to tackle obesity. The drug is being developed by one of the world’s leading obesity experts, Professor Steve Bloom.

Recent research by Professor Bloom and his team identified the role played by gut hormones in appetite control. These hormones are released when a person eats, and act as neurotransmitters.Basically, these hormones instruct the brain to stop eating.

According to research studies, using these natural hormones are safe and effective enough because it develops a treatment based on natural appetite suppression.

  • Growth Hormone Therapy

According to another study, the daily growth hormone production in obese persons is less than 50 percent of normal subjects of the same age. Moreover, non-obese patients generally respond strongly to stimulation of the secretion of growth hormone, whereas obese patients usually do not.

With this growth hormone treatment you can get rid of abdominal fat but it can take 2-3 years. In growth hormone deficiency, total body fat, including abdominal fat, is increased, and the volume of adipose cells is increased. Treatment with growth hormone reduces fat largely.

  • Testosterone Therapy

Excessive obese persons tend to have low testosterone levels. For them testosterone therapy can be helpful to reduce their weight.