Obesity and Sexual Life

Obesity can hamper your sexual life and consequently make your quality of life worse. But there is nothing to worry about it because you can easily handle it. To know more, read below.

Can obesity restrain one from having a quality sexual life? If you have this kind of question in your mind, then you are absolutely on the right track. Obesity does affect one’s sex life. Basically, Sexuality is part of being human. Love and sexual intimacy contribute to healthy relationships, and to our happiness.

It can simply mess up an individual’s sense of well being as well their sexual behavior. In fact, if people lose their energy to remain active through out the day, their life undergoes a drastic change. It all happens due to an obese body.

Connection between Obesity and Sexual Quality of Life

As experts say, there is a significant relationship between overall health and sexual satisfaction. Research also suggests that certain physical conditions that go along with obesity also affect sex drive, further dampening the desires of those who are overweight.

Obese people are generally seen to suffer from several sexual problems frequently. Regardless of your gender, you should take care of your body as a way to be more considerate to your partner and prevent obesity from affecting your sexual life. You should aim to lose as just 10 pounds to stimulate more sex hormones.

Obesity can affect any body irrespective of gender. For the obese women, their self-confidence will be affected which may cause a loss in affection as well as self-consciousness.

Obesity affects sex life and can hamper male sexuality also. Obese men get lazy, walk less, see more of TV and spend lots of their time being inactive. Inactivity invites more unhealthy weight to the body and this process will corner him till he finds out a way to escape this life- endangering situation.

Overcoming Obesity to Have a Quality Life

To enjoy a better life, you need to do few lifestyle changes, as experts recommend.

  • Consult with a doctor and choose from diet pills, surgeries or diet plans to a speedy recovery from Obesity.
  • If you feel you are obese, then just try to lose a little weight (even 10 pounds) to stimulate sex hormones.
  • Change every food in your diet which makes you fat. Eat more nutritious foods, which control cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Always select heart-healthy foods such as grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and lean sources of dairy and protein.
  • Encourage yourself by indulging in exercise and outdoor activities. Get into a regular fitness program. To strengthen your heart and help build endurance, add a few high-intensity bouts to your fitness routine.
  • Strength training is also a good idea, to build shapely muscle and to keep your body strong enough to handle all your day-to-day activities.
  • Always try to keep a positive attitude. If your partner is obese, then support, encourage and motivate him/her to overcome Obesity.

Obesity and sexual quality of life may not go well with each other. However, a few lifestyle changes would help you to overcome obesity and have a great sexual life as well.