Obesity Effects, Risks and Problems

Obesity Effects, Risks and Problems

If one is obese he/she has the tendency to face many obesity-related health risks and problems. The research studies show that one who has 40% more weight than one’s healthy weight, is twice at the risk of premature death than an average weight person. Obesity is also linked to many health conditions like diabetes, cancer, breathing problems etc.

What Health Experts Suggest?

People who weigh 20% more than their healthy weight should take efforts to lose weight to stay healthy, if they find any of the following factors related to them.

Family history of illnesses: If the close relatives of an obese person are suffering from chronic health problems like heart disease or asthma, then it indicates that the obese person might also suffer from the same health concerns in the future.

Medical conditions: In case the obese person is suffering from high levels of blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar, it indicates he/she may face the effects of obesity-related diseases.

Central body fat: People who have most of the body fat located in their abdomens are at higher risk of obesity health risks and effects than those who have more fat in their hips.

One good thing is even if they lose a little weight of 10-20 pounds with the help of various obesity control ways, it can significantly better their health.

Obesity Health Risks

Below are various obesity-related diseases:

Heart Disease and Stroke
Obesity leads to high blood pressure and increases cholesterol levels in blood. This, in turn, leads to heart disease and stroke, the major cause of death in the US. Obese people are also at a higher risk of chest pain and sudden death from heart stroke. Obesity doubles the risk of heart disease in people compared to the people with healthy weight.

Obesity leads to high blood sugar levels, which in turn causes Type 2 Diabetes. That’s the reason diabetics are advised to exercise more and be active to control obesity and stay healthy.

Research studies show that overweight leads to the risk of developing several types of cancer. In case of fat women, they are at a risk of developing cancers of uterus, breast, cervix, gallbladder, colon and ovary. In case of obese men, they may develop prostate cancer and colorectal cancer.

Gallbladder Disease and Gallstones
Obese people are at a higher risk of developing gallbladder disease and gallstones. The more weight one has the more he/she is at the risk of these problems. However, the reasons for the link between weight and gallbladder disease are unclear yet. And, the stunning fact is, research studies found out rapid weight loss can also increase the risk of these problems. So, health experts suggest to reduce weight slowly, one pound a week.

Sleep Apnea
This is a common health problem for overweight people. Obesity leads to snoring and breathing problems during sleep. Continuous lack of sleep at night causes sleepiness and even heart failure. The extent of the problem increases with the increase in weight.
Considering all the above facts, obese people are suggested to lose weight by following the right weight loss diet plans and regular exercise programs.

How obesity affects a person’s physical ability?

Apart from causing chronic diseases, obesity can affect a person’s physical ability to a great extent. Obesity results in the loss of mobility. An obese person will have a difficult time walking, running, performing tasks which involve movement. Also, obesity will affect a person’s physical endurance in doing tasks such as carrying objects, running during an emergency etc. An obese person can easily become breathless, tired while doing physical activity.

An obese person would be overloading his joints and bones. This can lead to knee pains and arthritis. For children, obesity can make them avoid sports, playing with friends etc. Obesity primarily makes movement difficult and thus affects the physical ability to a great extent.

Latest Facts 2009 About Obesity in America:

  • Obesity is declared as a national epidemic in the country last year along with Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Tennessee (30.2 percent), West Virginia (31.1 percent), Alabama (31.2 percent) and Mississippi (44.4 percent) are the top four states with their respective obesity percentage.
  • Mississippi has the highest number of obese and overweight children between the age group of 10-17 years.
  • Adult obesity rate is higher than 25 percent in 31 states and it is higher than 20 percent in 49 states.
  • Adult obesity is found to be rising in 23 states with no single state registering a decline in the rate from the year 2008.
  • With 18.9 percent, Colorado state ranks lowest among the states affected with Obesity.
  • There are 11 states which reported childhood obesity rise for third time in a row.
  • 16 states out of the 50 have reported a rise for the second time in succession in the obesity rate.