Obesity Surgery

Regular exercise and good eating habits are the better ways to lose weight. But, sometimes obesity cannot be simply controlled with these, especially when it is in severe condition. In such cases weight loss surgery or obesity surgery is the best option to treat obesity. When the obese person is in frustration and facing lot of difficulties because of obesity, then obesity surgery is the right and best option to go for. Here we give you information on various obesity surgery options.

Lap-Band or Laparoscopic obesity surgery

Lap-band or Laproscopic Obesity Surgery is a minimally invasive surgery. In this a prosthesis or lap-band is put around the stomach. This lap-band acts like a small gastric pouch and creates a calibrated opening to the rest of the stomach.

The small gastric pouch created in this system helps in limiting the amount of food one’s stomach can hold. The patient will feel that his stomach is full, as the inflatable ring easily controls the flow of food from gastric pouch to the rest of the digestive tract. This way lap-band kills the urge to eat more in between meals.

The best part of lap-band or laproscopic surgery is – not much surgical trauma or pain, shorter hospitalization required compared to other surgeries and individualization according to patient’s needs.

Gastric bypass surgery

It is a type of bariatric surgery, which helps in reducing the food intake, and thus controls obesity. It improves your appearance and increases mobility. Gastric bypass surgery also helps reduce the problems and complications overweight people have to go through. This surgery normally takes 1-4 hours and will be performed under anesthesia. After surgery the patient has to take 1-7 days rest in the hospital. Generally there are two techniques of gastric bypass surgery – Roux-en-Y-gastric and biliopancreatic diversion bypass. The technique to be performed depends on the conditions of the patient.

Plastic bypass surgery

For plastic surgery to control obesity not everyone is eligible. Only candidates with BMI more than 35 are considered eligible. There are various plastic surgery procedures that are aimed at localized areas of fat. If the patient still has some concerns, body lift can be an option to go for providing the patient’s BMI is under 35. The physician after considering the patient’s condition and eligibility criterion will consider him suitable for plastic surgery.