Teenage Obesity Prevention

Teenagers must understand that some weight gain is a natural part of the growing up process and, especially, there would be some hormonal changes as well. During this process of growing up some kids will be affected more than others due to metabolism issues. This physical activity may change over time, but to stay physically active throughout their lifetime they need to exercise regularly.

Teenage obesity can be fought with various strategies: Behavioral modification and cognitive therapy; Socializing; Parental support; and Community support.

Behavioral Modification and Cognitive Therapy

This offers new ways of coping with ongoing feelings of helplessness and vulnerability. Therapeutic techniques include playing basketball, tennis, volley ball, racket ball, going to a skating park and swimming; drawing, sculpting, painting and writing to facilitate releasing of memories that hurt too much to be expressed.

When necessary, to reduce agitation, anxiety and depression medication could be administered.

It is group therapy that seems to be most effective with teens. Teens want to be with individuals from their ages groups. They want to develop new friendships and become open to trying new behaviors. Teens are really too young to take care of themselves and they should  kid around, laugh and sometimes act silly because all these characterize healing process.


Adults can afford to pretend and can change roles frequently but we cannot accept the growing teenagers to do so. It is sad they hardly have the opportunity to behave their age because of the ways of the fast changing 21st century. Sharing feelings and experiences makes teens identify themselves with each other as normal kids. It really helps them feel that they are not alone facing the problems. They start helping each other. They just feel better about themselves.

Feasible Diet

Kids start losing their weight when they are encouraged to do more exercise and are helped in creating a meal plan that they can live with. Most of the time obese kids are afraid of a diet plan because they feel they will have to give up the foods they loved so much. So, a rigid diet can make the individual feel deprived and unmotivated. Your diet should feature nutritious foods.

Community Support

Millions of overweight and obese kids need help in navigating their childhood and adolescence. All of us as a member of the community need to reach out to such kids and have a conversation with them. We need to listen to what he or she may not be saying. A small investment of time and caring pays life-altering dividends.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery —an operation to reduce the size of the stomach—can also be conducted but doctors suggest when every strategy to reduce obesity fails one can go for bariatric surgery.


Reward yourself by celebrating your weight loss progress with food or party or anything.


The key to reaching your dream figure is discipline. Keep your metabolism going strong by eating all types of food, such as fats, dairy and carbohydrates. Drink lots of water and incorporate fruits, raw vegetables, and fibrous foods into the diet.

Work out for few hours every day in the gym. Such physical activities could burn away those extra calories from under your skin. Parents should focus on having home cooked meals along with their children frequently and not leave their children eating alone and watching TV for hours.

Dr. William Dietz, Director of the Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity, says in a report to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “of all the ways of tackling this problem, TV reduction appears to be the most effective measure in reducing weight gain in this population”

How Serious is the Menace of Obesity in America ?

The rate of overweight and obese children in the United States in 2008 was 32 percent. The age group of 9-17 years is worst affected by this physical disorder. A research study has revealed that obese children have 70 percent higher risk of getting heart diseases. Type 2 diabetes which was ealy prevalent in adults above the age of 21 years is now being reported among yound children too. Especially 12 years old children on average are affected with this type of diabetes in recent times.

The government had to declare Type 2 diabetes along with Obesity as national epidemics last year. It has tried to increase the awareness about the complications associated with this problem among the common man. New grocery stores are going to open in new cities to increase the availability and affordability of fresh vegetables and fruits.