Treatment of Obesity through Yoga

According to research studies yoga is an effective treatment of obesity. Yoga treatment involves mainly a disciplined lifestyle including proper diet and physical activities. To know more read on.

Obesity and Yoga

Yoga is such a treatment that can be more effective and less harmful than any of the modern treatment. Yoga has been curing diseases since the ancient time. According to research studies Yoga” has been proved to be more successful to treat obesity even in this modern era. According to yoga, our present lifestyle is responsible for obesity to a large extent. In case of obesity, lifestyle is considered to be the most important determining factor.

We are providing some tips on yogic treatment which will definitely help you to be fit and fine without bearing the pain of modern treatment.

Dietary Discipline in Yoga Treatment

  • According to yoga, food is not only what we consume during our meals and digest in our alimentary system; it is also the nourishment that sustains life.So yoga suggests that you need to consume that kind of food only that has fewer calories, but is rich in vitamins and other nutrients.
  • Food which is dry and hard is nature is useful to reduce the weight. Horse gram and rye are useful. One can prepare hot soup out of it. Drinking hot water whenever thirsty also reduces weight.
  • Whenever you feel hungry in between meals, have a hot cup of water with 1 teaspoon honey and 10 drops of lime, or lemon to taste. Apparently, this is a good source of melting the fat in the body and a great substitute for snacking.
  • The kaphar-pacifying diet uses many spices. Spices such as ginger, cumin, corriander, fennel, garam masala, cardamom and even cinnamon are good for kindling the gastric fire. Use them in your cooking, desserts and even as condiments to flavour your food.


Raising the practitioner’s awareness of creation to a higher & keener state, some of the best yogas we suggest are:

  • The life force Prana” is believed to enter the body through the breath. The process is called “Pranayama”. This yoga is concerned with helping you to regulate your breathing properly.
  • Some yoga postures are intended to strength and strengthen muscles, other to improve posture and work the skeletal system, while others aim to compress and relax the organs and nerves. The positions and postures of yoga are useful in reducing the fasts of various parts of the body. Forward bending, twisting, backward bending reduces the fat coats near abdomen, butts and thighs. Tree pose, hero pose, swinging lotus pose are helpful for burning fats for arms and legs.
  • Meditation supplements and reinforces the disciplines of thought by focusing the mind and relaxing the body.
  • 24 sun salutations a day, at a speed of 4 rounds in a minute, can provide benefits altogether of both asanas and exercises. Regular exercise of sun salutations is beneficial for lungs and enchanting mantras have a relaxing effect on mind.