Unexplained Weight Gain – Know the Reasons

You are gaining weight. You notice it once in every days and keep wondering what are the reason for this unexplained weight gain. You may wonder that you are taking the same calorie diet and doing regular exercise, then also what are the cause of the unexplained weight gain.

Here are some reasons that help you understand the reasons for unexplained weight gain

  • Dieting: generally it is seen that in the struggle to reduce the waistline people usually reduces their calorie intake. This reduction in the calories reduces the metabolism rate which results in the weight gain. So it is better to follow a diet plan that isn’t too limiting in the calorie intake.
  • If you are taking a sodium rich diet then it will cause water retention in the body. Water usually weighs heavily so it appears on the weighing scale. It is better to reduce the sodium intake so as to reduce the water retention in your body.
  • As the winter season approaches generally body tends to prepare itself by storing extra fat under the skin. This extra fat under the skin helps a person to tolerate the harsh temperatures in the winters.
  • As the body gets older you may observe a weight gain even at the same exercise levels and the number of calories taken. As the body ages its rate of metabolism slows down hence you may observe weight gain in your older age.
  • Researches have shown that hormonal changes that occur in the body due to insufficient sleep can also increase your weight. Moreover there are more chances of eating if you are active for a longer duration.
  • Weight gain is a natural process during pregnancy. This natural weight gain is due to the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby, the cord and the placenta. Usually this natural gain in the weight is reduced after the delivery of the baby.
  • Sometimes the expectant women become extremely upset over the weight gain so they control their calorie intake. Due to this the developing fetus absorbs all the required nutrients from the mother’s body which seriously affects the health of the mother.
  • Generally the expectant mother believes that she is eating for two. Although the weight gain during pregnancy is natural but eating for two” makes the situation worse after delivery.